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Mosquitoes – Not Just A Backyard Issue

Sure, mosquitoes are annoying in your backyard. They bite, they carry diseases, they are super annoying at a BBQ. But what about your business?

Having exterior mosquito treatment performed for your business is a great way to up the outdoor experience for your patrons, your employees, and your business in general. We all know about the itching and biting, but they’re more than that. Mosquitoes are one of the world’s deadliest pests because of the many dangerous diseases they can carry and spread.

Here are just 3 of the many businesses that can benefit from dealing with these biting pests.

Parks & Recreation

It seems to stand to reason that the parks and rec department in every town should be doing this. But sometimes getting out from behind the desk and truly experiencing what your guests are experiencing is just hard to get to (it happens to us all). Parks & Recs departments usually include baseball, soccer, and football fields (to name a few sports!), picnic areas, hiking trails, parks… the list seems to go on and on. Having mosquito treatments done on a regular basis is a must for the health and safety – and comfort – of the families that frequent these areas. This one is seriously Leslie Knope approved (extra points to anyone that gets that reference!).

Apartment Buildings

You may not think about this industry as having a potential mosquito issue, but it certainly can. There are always common walkways. There may be outdoor seating areas and parks, too. Having mosquito treatments done on these areas will provide a feeling of comfort and safety that should come with being home. Your tenants will stay where they feel comfortable… and conversely, will leave when they don’t. They’ll be movin’ on up… and out of your building. Western Pest’s Integrated Mosquito Reduction Service can surely help with that.

Golf Courses

Besides geese and the usual bugs that can be in the way outside at a golf course, mosquitoes can really ruin the experience of a round. Knowing that mosquitoes can breed in as little as a capful of water, it gives new meaning to water hazards. Your players expect a certain experience at your golf course and if they don’t get it, they will have no problem going to another. Lawn maintenance and turf management at a golf course is super important (as you already know) but having mosquito treatments done a few times in the summer will help keep your players (and your employees) safer and happier.

Hospitals & Medical Buildings

Much like apartment buildings, hospitals, urgent care centers, doctor’s offices, out-patient surgery facilities, and all medical buildings have common walkways that can become infested with mosquitoes if not properly maintained. But it’s more than that. The diseases that mosquitoes can carry include West Nile virus, Eastern Equine Encephalitis, dengue fever, malaria, and yellow fever. These diseases are a threat to everyone, but to the people that are coming to medical facilities that may be immune compromised in the first place, they can be deadly. The landscaper or outdoor facility manager has enough to do and they may not even be licensed to perform the treatments. So even if they are telling you they’re treating for mosquitoes in those areas, remember Dr. House’s mantra: everybody lies.

These are just 3 of the commercial areas that would greatly benefit from outdoor mosquito treatments, but there are so many more. Restaurants with outdoor seating, golf courses, country clubs, sports arenas with open roofs… the list can really go on and on. It just stands to reason that any property that has common walkways can benefit from these services. So, as a business owner, you kind of owe it to your patrons and employees – and your company – to keep them safe. You also owe it to them to pick a trusted company.

Western Pest has been doing this since 1928. They can help with your business, indoor and out. You should give them a call and schedule the services now. It’s never too early and it’s a quick thing to check off your already extensive to-do list. Ask about termites, too. Can’t hurt.

Get mosquito control at your business today.

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