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Pet-Friendly Hotels: The Next Big Trend

As one of the most important members of the family, a pet goes everywhere with their human. More than ever, travelers are searching for hotel chains that allow dogs.

Does your building have what it takes to be called a pet oasis? Small touches to make pet owners feel more at ease can turn any ordinary stay into a memorable experience. To turn your hotel into a pet palace, think about providing:

  • Room service 
    Cater to your guest with a pet-friendly menu and include a few treat options for their furry friends.
  • Designated dog areas outdoors
    Build a grassy area close to your hotel entrance specifically for pets to use.
  • Pet Supplies 
    Prepare for you guest’s pet needs by providing water dishes, dog beds and leashes

While these may seem like small items to include for guests, customers will appreciate your hotel’s willingness to be a pet-friendly accommodation. These touches make a big difference and can even create the opportunity to impress guests during their stay.

While including pet-friendly features in your hotel chain can help boost brand loyalty, the same amenities that are attractive to guests can also act as potential attractors to unwanted pests.

Flies are a common pest that may be drawn to areas where pets are present. Because flies reproduce quickly, it is important to take care of an isolated fly incident before it turns into a full-blown infestation.

Sanitation is the key to keeping flies out of your hotel and off of your fury friends. Implement a consistent facility maintenance schedule and train your team on potential pest hotspots to keep an eye out for when inspecting your building to help prevent pest populations. Keeping a clean and hospitable environment for pets and guests is most important in providing a beneficial environment for pets.  When maintaining your hotel, be sure to keep the following in mind:

  • Outdoor pet areas
    Maintain outdoor pet areas and be sure that all pet waste is properly disposed of. Provide pet bags and trash bins to help encourage guests to clean up after their pets. Make sure to dispose of these trash bins regularly to remove potential attractors.
  • Windows and doors
    Be sure to inspect and repair any cracks, gaps and crevices that may be around doors and windows. These can act as pest entryways into your hotel. If you’re providing pet doors make sure they seal properly.
  • Crumbs
    Flies are attracted to food crumbs and organic matter. Regular housekeeping of common pet areas, including cleanup of food and water bowls will help reduce flies.

Running a pet-friendly hotel is all about creating a great experience for your guest. While pet-friendly accommodations can drive revenue in your hotel chain and create brand loyalty, it is also important to have an effective pest management plan in place to combat any potential pest problems that may arise.

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