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Top Tips to Prep Your Hotel Rooftop Bar

As the weather warms up, visitors and locals alike seek out the opportunity to eat and drink outside, above the city streets at restaurant or hotel rooftop bars. Patios, rooftop bars and other outdoor spaces can increase your revenue and profits up to 30% with increased drink sales and exposure to your space. Given the many variables with outdoor dining, it’s important your rooftop bar is ready for prime patio season. With 84% of people trusting online reviews as much as a personal recommendation, showcasing your space’s amenities is a vital part of your business. Take preemptive measures to ensure you do not let negative reviews damage your restaurant’s reputation. To keep your hotel rooftop bar or outdoor dining space in tip-top shape for the season here are some helpful tips.

Overcome Weather

Food and drink may taste better outside on a rooftop bar, but it can be a struggle to maintain a comfortable environment given frequent changes in weather. It’s important to take preventive steps to ensure your guests are happy outdoors.

  • Install mist fans for hot days or patio heaters for when the temperature drops.
  • Consider building a covered area for guests for when there is a chance of rain or strong sun.
  • If building a structure sounds like too much of an investment, supply patio umbrellas for the tables to be covered.

Keep It Clean

While it may sound simple, keeping your rooftop bar clean has a big impact on your guests’ experience. No one wants to see crumbs and dirty plates as they are enjoying their cocktails.

  • Establish a daily schedule for draining and cleaning beverage fountains and dispensers.
  • Swiftly clearing tables and cleaning up food debris or spills after guests leave will help eliminate the amount of leftover food available for critters.

Avoid Odor

Nothing can ruin a good vibe at a hotel rooftop bar quite like a foul smell. This is a surefire way for customers to question the validity of your establishment and worst-case scenario, post a negative review.

  • Discard trash frequently to reduce unwanted odors and be sure that garbage containers are covered and leak-proof.
  • The lid to your dumpster should always be closed.
  • Implement a strict emptying schedule to ensure over-filling never happens. From rodents to flies, dumpsters present easy access for these pests, especially if not consistently monitored.

Prioritize Pest Control

Rooftop bars are often home to fermented alcohol, fruit, syrup and soda – all of which attract pests. Don’t let pests be a buzz kill when it comes to your outdoor space.

  • Ensure you have a proper pest management program in place before the start of the season.
  • Wipe down tables for spilled drinks and sanitize patio furniture like benches where food crumbs can easily hide, which are appealing snacks to flies, hornets, and roaches.
  • Plant fewer blooming flowers as they attract bees and other flying insects.
  • Schedule a pest management professional to teach staff and maintenance crews the signs of pest activity and practical, everyday strategies for combating pest-conducive conditions.

Implementing these tips can optimize your outdoor dining space and create an atmosphere where guests want to come back all summer long.

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