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Where Are Ticks Found?

Where Do Ticks Live?

Ticks thrive in the cool, wet forests found across the Mid-Atlantic states. Tree cover provides shade and protection, while low brush and leaf litter are ideal hiding spots. In their larval stage, they must have a blood meal to survive. Ticks share the same habitats as mice, birds, and deer because the pests use them as hosts.

Adult ticks climb tall grasses or bushes and reach out with their front limbs until they can catch hold of an animal or person. The pest latches onto fur or clothing and then moves around the body to find an optimal feeding site. Then, the tick burrows its barbed mouthparts into the host’s skin to feed.

Ticks also hide in woodpiles, overgrown fields, and unkempt tree lines. Although they prefer the woods, the pests can enter homes or businesses on pets, clothes, and lawn equipment.

Avoiding Tick Habitats

To prevent ticks from infesting your property, keep lawns mowed and remove piles of leaves and grass clippings from the yard. Some ticks can transmit serious illnesses like Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. Contact Western Pest Services if you think you have a tick problem in or around your home or business.

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