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What Industries Could Use a Disinfecting Service?

Right now, an argument could be made that every industry could benefit from having a full disinfectant treatment done in their facilities. The recent COVID-19 issue aside, having a service like this done can provide peace of mind for the owner, the employees, and anyone that enters the business. But some industries are more inclined to need it than others. The reasons are simple.

Here are just 3 industries that should have a disinfecting treatment done.

Multifamily: Apartment buildings and multifamily homes have several areas that many people share. Starting with a clean slate at home can provide the ultimate in peace of mind. Someone move out? Disinfect the place before another tenant moves in. It’s smart and a great selling point. Also having the common areas like laundry rooms, fitness centers, stairwells, lobbies, etc., done on a routine basis gives everyone peace of mind. Those high touch point areas can be easily contaminated. The biggest reason? Our homes are our safe zones. Feeling you’re safe and knowing you’re safe are two different things. With a treatment like this, you can KNOW your tenants, their families, and their pets are safe.

Office Buildings: As we slowly work our way back to normal, more and more people will be coming back to the office. Having a disinfectant treatment done in an empty office building is a lot easier than a full one. And your tenants can come back confidently when they know they are returning to a fully disinfected building. A full treatment is a great way to start with a clean slate, but routine treatments in addition to your regular cleaning service – whether they are monthly or weekly – can be the added peace of mind you can offer.

Schools: Nothing is more important than our future leaders and nobody is more careful than their parents. Whether it’s a preschool with our youngest future leaders or a university with our soon-to-be leaders, the cleaner your school is, the more likely parents will send their children back to it. It’s not just coronavirus – students can bring in other illnesses that can travel from student to student. All educational facilities could benefit from a full disinfectant treatment as well as routine service.

When it comes right down to it, every industry could and should have a full disinfecting treatment done. Any business that doesn’t will probably be behind the curve – and behind a competitor that does have it done. Western Pest Services, the pest company you already trust, can now be trusted to provide a disinfecting treatment with Western PurClean™. Contact Western today.

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