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How to Get Rid of Yellow Sac Spiders

Yellow Sac Spider Control: Protect Your Home or Business


  • Yellow sac spiders are responsible for most spider bites.
  • Their bites can cause lesions on small animals, but this is a rare reaction in humans.
  • Yellow sac spiders are one of the most common house spiders in the Northeastern U.S.


An adult yellow sac spider’s body is about a quarter-inch long. They are yellow or beige in color with darkMale yellow sac spider, Cheiracanthium inclusum, Satara, Maharashtra, India brown jaws. Like most spiders, they have two body segments and eight legs. Yellow sac spiders spin small, concentrated webs that look like silk tubes. These sacs may hold eggs, harbor spiderlings, or serve as a daytime hiding spot.

How Do Yellow Sac Spiders Get Inside Buildings?

Although you may find them underneath piles of brush or behind tree bark, yellow sac spiders often enter homes when the weather starts to cool. Since they can’t survive the cold, they need a warm place to spend the winter. Gaps around doors, broken vents, and torn screens make it easy for yellow sac spiders to get inside. Household pests like ants and flies provide them with plenty of food.

Yellow sac spiders are common inside both residential and commercial spaces. Pests that get access any small crack to get indoors are difficult to control. Yellow sac spiders can also blend in easily against light-colored walls, and their small webs often go unnoticed. Some species have adapted to human structures so well that they prefer to deposit their eggs indoors.

Signs of A Yellow Sac Spider Infestation

  • Discovering the yellow sac spider retreats in corners or on ceilings or other undisturbed areas.
  • Spotting tiny spiderlings hunting at nightfall often indicates multiple spiders.
  • Waking up with unexplained bites on your body could be due to a yellow sac spider infestation.
  • Finding these pests crawling on your walls or along window sills at night.

Problems Caused by Yellow Sac Spiders

Yellow sac spider bites don’t cause much harm. You may feel a sharp pinch followed by burning as well as redness and swelling at the site of a bite. Symptoms lasts a few hours or a day or two at most. Trapping a yellow sac spider between your skin and clothing or bedsheets is how most bites occur. Slipping on a shoe and accidentally injuring a spider hiding inside is also common.

In hotels and apartments, complaints from guests or tenants about yellow sac spider bites are a serious issue. Spider bites and bed bug bites are difficult to tell apart. Online reviews about bed bugs can be devastating for those in the housing and hospitality industries.

Prevention Tips

Use a vacuum crevice tool to remove webs, spiderlings, or eggs from yellow sac spider retreats in corners or on ceilings. Other than repairing exterior cracks and crevices, you can also deter infestations by keeping spaces clean and free from the insects that attract spiders. For the best solution to a yellow sac spider problem in your home or business, contact Western Pest Services.

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