Chute Cleaning Program

Proactive pest and odor control in an often-overlooked space


Over time, the organic matter that can build up from everyday use of a garbage chute and the compactor can be an attractant to cockroaches, flies, and rodents. The bacteria that can grow on the matter inside a trash chute can not only cause illnesses but will create foul odors that can permeate throughout your building. All of this can be avoided with a proper chute cleaning program and Western Pest Services is prepared to bring one to you.

A successful chute cleaning service should be done in a few steps. In our program, we perform the following steps on a quarterly, bi-annually, or annual basis. These steps to help decrease the attractants and therefore decrease the pests and odors in an apartment garbage chute system:

  • Spray OE-30, a solution of liquid ingredients that actually breaks down organic compounds, on all interior walls of trash chutes and compactor on every floor. This non-corrosive, non-toxic, non-pathogenic material will soften the organic materials that have attached themselves to the walls of the chute.
  • Utilize a commercial steam machine to disinfect and remove built up organic matter inside of chutes and on hopper doors.
  • Apply an insecticide dust onto all walls of the chute and the basement compactor that will continuously eliminate insects and rodents.
Pests have a much better sense of smell than we do. So, even if you can’t detect the odors coming from your garbage chute, they certainly can. Our chute cleaning program can be used to not only take care of any bacteria and odors that have built up over time but can also be used to prevent them upfront. Either way, it’s a simple yet smart choice for your building.
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"We installed your Termite Defensive a number of years ago and have not seen even one termite since the system was installed."

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