Commercial Bed Bug Control

Commercial bed bug control is a modern business essential. Bed bugs require expertise to eliminate, and an infestation in one room can quickly spread. Western’s expert bed bug control team, including trained bed bug dogs, finds and eliminates bed bug problems. With a special expertise with apartment and hotel bed bugs, we get the job done.

Expert Bed Bug Control: From Bed Bug Dogs to Treatment

From high-rise hotels to office buildings, bed bugs have business owners on edge. Western’s seasoned experts can help.

  • Accurate bed bug detection: Trained bed bug dogs are 95-98% effective when it comes to identifying small numbers of bed bugs in isolated areas.
  • Bed bug treatment prep tips: Because better prep means better bed bug treatment.
  • Mulitple bed bug control strategies: From steam to bed bug fumigation.

Bed Bug Signs

It’s not just hotel bed bugs making headlines. Any business can encounter them. Look for:

  • Reddish-brown stains
  • Small, red welts on the skin
  • Fecal spots on sheets

Bed Bug Damage

Bed bugs can tarnish your reputation, especially in the era of online reviews.

  • A negative customer experience
  • Poor customer or tenant reviews
  • Allergic reactions to bites
  • Fear and stress

What to Ask When Seeking a Bed Bug Control Vendor

Bed bug control is serious business. This isn’t just because these persistent pests are top of mind (and on the top of the daily newsfeed), but because it takes serious knowledge and experience to address an infestation. As such, it is important to choose a bed bug control partner carefully if this unfortunate pest emerges at your property.

To help you find the right bed bug control provider, here are some things you should ask before you sign the contract:

Are bed bug teams comprised of specialists?
“We allow our technicians to specialize,” says Jennifer Brumfield, Entomologist B.C.E.. “This allows them to grow as experts in their field.”

What does your bed bug training program look like?
“Western has a dedicated bed bug training program with internal certifications,” Brumfield says. This matters, because bed bug control is a unique offering that differs in important ways from other pests.

How many years of experience do you have?
Whenever a trend emerges, those looking to cash in emerge in kind. Make sure your bed bug control provider has real experience in the field.

Does the bed bug control program consist of techniques other than pesticides?
Western’s approach to bed bug control uses all of the components of Integrated Pest Management (IPM). In addition to conventional insecticides, we employ vacuums, heat treatments, thorough inspections to identify bed bug populations, exclusion of bed bug harborage sites, and customer advice and recommendations to prevent re-introducing bed bugs back into the home or commercial building.

Bed bug control isn’t something to take lightly. Infestations can be serious, and it takes persistence to address them. Take time to make the right choice, and it will pay off when the bed bugs disappear.

How Western Entomologists Help
“As entomologists, we don’t fear bed bugs, but we sure have a respect for the problems these critters create” remarks Win Higgins, Quality Assurance Manager for Western. Of course, bed bugs can create real problems for hotels and property-management firms that must contend not only with their own reactions, but those of their guests and clients. This being the case, fast, effective service is critical.

“When we look at our bed-bug service, communication with the customer is absolutely critical. That communication includes the Western employee doing the initial inspection, the Western sales representative who will explain what the customer can expect, and the service technician who will explain the details of the treatment services,” Higgins says. “Most critically, we focus on communicating the right preparation techniques prior to service – the biggest stumbling block to success is poor preparation.”

To facilitate that process, Western developed its own, unique bed-bug service ticket, which helps to communicate to the client what was treated during our service. “We try to be as proactive as possible, educating the customer each step of the way,” Higgins says. Western also distributes step-by-step checklists to help clients prepare properly for bed-bug inspections, and uses highly accurate canine bed-bug detection teams to root out infestations quickly and accurately.

Bed Bugs: Hype and Fact

With bed bugs, there is one indisputable fact: they’re not going anywhere, and the bed bug problem looks to be growing worse. However, there is a lot of bed bug misinformation. If you are a property manager concerned with bed bugs on your property, it is important to know the truth – which will help you make the best decisions when trying to get a bed bug infestation under control.

  • Hype: A bed bug infestation suggests poor maintenance.
  • Fact: Bed bugs are attracted to body heat and carbon monoxide released when humans breathe. Amazing hitchhikers, they will infest any place where they can attain a blood meal.
  • Hype: Bed bugs spread disease.
  • Fact: To date, evidence of disease spread via bed bugs has not been found.
  • Hype: There’s no way to avoid getting bed bugs.
  • Fact: Thinking first before bringing in used furniture and remaining vigilant when traveling can help.
  • Hype: Once you have a bed bug problem, it’s impossible to fix.
  • Fact: Bed bug treatment is generally effective, if provided by a reputable bed bug control provider who works in cooperation with management and tenants.
  • Hype: Bed bugs can be easily treated by a third party.
  • Fact: Effective bed bug treatment is possible, but it requires total cooperation from you and your tenants. Bed bug technicians need to be able to access all areas to find bed bugs where they hide. Two of the most important factors that increase the degree of bed bug control success are reducing and eliminating the amount of clutter in the unit and doing business with a company that will stay with you until the problem is fixed.

Western approaches bed bug control from the inside out, working with property managers and their tenants to uncover and route out these persistent invaders.