The HomeFreshTM Program

The selling point for your apartments that provides safety and security for your residents

What is the HomeFreshTM Program?

The apartments in the building you manage are not just units. They are someone’s home. They are also the source of income and every day it lays empty is another day with no revenue. With the HomeFresh™ program, you will have something the apartment building a block away doesn’t. Potential residents want safety and security in their home – that’s what the HomeFresh™ program can bring them. It may be just what you need to get signatures on more leases.

The HomeFresh™ program brings with it several steps that are taken when a resident leaves and before the next resident moves in. Your Western technician will:

  • Inspect/treat for mice
  • Inspect/treat for cockroaches
  • Inspect/treat for occasional invaders
  • Inspect/treat for rats
  • Inspect/treat for bed bugs
  • Treat the baseboards for crawling pests
  • Perform a Western PurClean™ disinfectant treatment

What happens next?

Once your trained and certified technician is done with those steps, you will be presented with a certified you can give the resident, so they are aware of the lengths you went to make sure their new home is safe and healthy. We will even go one step forward by adhering a sticker over the door, so they know nobody has been in the apartment since those treatments and inspections have been done. They will actually break the sticker as they walk into their safe and healthy home.

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