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henches image From carpenter ants to stinging insects, our main goal is to keep Greenwich and Stamford and the surrounding community's homes and businesses safe and, most importantly, pest-free.-Todd Henches, Branch Manager

In the Connecticut cities of Greenwich and Stamford, pest control efforts focus heavily on the management of the local white-tailed deer population, as these animals are the primary carriers of adult blacklegged ticks in the region. Alternatively and appropriately known as deer ticks, blacklegged ticks transmit the bacterium that causes Lyme disease. In this part of the country, they can also spread babesiosis and ehrlichiosis to humans. The State of Connecticut in general and Fairfield County in particular traditionally rank among the places that experience some of the highest numbers of cases of tick-borne diseases in the nation.

Another common pest in the Greenwich and Stamford areas, mosquitoes are also known for their ability to spread various diseases to humans and pets. The biting insects can transmit Eastern equine encephalitis (EEE), malaria, and yellow fever to humans, as well as heartworm to dogs. A batch of trapped mosquitoes in Greenwich even tested positive for West Nile virus in August 2015. Breeding season for the local mosquito population typically occurs between late March and September. In addition to ticks and mosquitoes, Greenwich and Stamford residents must look out for bed bugs, which are becoming increasingly common in the area. The local population of Canada geese also causes problems when the nuisance birds congregate and defecate in public fields, parks, schools, commercial properties, and residential lawns.

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