Types of Cockroaches in New Jersey

Cockroaches Found in NJ

Several types of cockroaches can be found in New Jersey. They include the German, American, oriental, and brown-banded species. Each are similar in appearance, all having flattened bodies and long antennae. Adult cockroaches lay eggs that either remain attached to their body or are deposited somewhere safe. Newly hatched cockroaches go through several molts as nymphs, which look similar to adults but are smaller and have no wings.

German Cockroach

Damages Caused by Cockroaches

Cockroaches can appear in various parts of the home. For instance, German, American, and oriental cockroaches prefer areas high in moisture such as kitchens, basements, and bathrooms. These pests can spread various pathogens, contaminating food with feces and other waste found on their bodies. On the other hand, brown-banded cockroaches can be spotted inside pantries, around furniture, and near mechanical fixtures. The presence of cockroaches lead to the production of various allergens that can harm asthmatic residents, as well.

Controlling Cockroaches in New Jersey

These pests can enter homes through the tiniest of cracks, making exclusion methods difficult. Nevertheless, residents should seal all potential entryways. With such a variety of different species of cockroaches in New Jersey, finding the correct method to deter and eliminate these pests can be difficult. This makes contacting trained pest professionals key to getting rid of cockroaches.