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Western Walks the Walk

The people at Western Pest Services have a compass they use to navigate their world. Just like a sailor, the compass keeps them on a true path toward their destination. For Western, one of the main destinations is our people. “Our people” doesn’t just mean their employees, though. And it doesn’t even mean just their customers. It means everyone that lives or works in the neighborhoods they keep safe from pests. So, when the employees at Western have a chance to give back, they jump at it. Sunday, May 7, 2023, they had one of those chances.

The air was sweet with the blooming flowers, the sun was shining, and the faces were bright and happy at the POAC Walk for a Difference that day! Western Pest Services was proud to help bring awareness and acceptance to children and adults with autism everywhere. It all happened at the Blue Claws Stadium in Lakewood, NJ. (Go Blue Claws!)

Words like awareness and acceptance are just that – words – unless they’re connected to actions. Actions that can truly make a difference. By walking with POAC, Western was a part of that difference, a part of that impact. Because of the employees’ actions and the actions of many other people and companies that walked that day, thousands of police and first responders will be trained this year and lives will be saved. Because of their attendance and participation, thousands of NJ students will learn about autism and the importance of friendship and thousands of hours of free training will be available for parents and educators throughout the great state of New Jersey. Western is proud that because of this walk, thousands of children and adults with autism and their families will participate in recreational events they might never even thought about trying.

At the event, there was free rides, food, entertainment, and a sense of community that’s difficult to come by these days. The Western Pest Services table was filled to the brim with free frisbees, information about pest control services, and smiling Western faces. It’s hard to think of a more deserving charity to support! So, even on a Sunday when many would be at rest or just taking their day off for themselves (which we can totally relate – that’s important, too), many Western employees were out there supporting the autism walk. They suppose they will be there again next year – still smiling and still navigating by their compass.