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Wilmington Branch – Giving Back is #1

Western Pest Services takes its values very seriously – especially “people are our top priority.” People doesn’t just mean our customers, though. It means the people who work at our company and anyone who lives or works in the communities around our branches. That’s why our charitable works are so important to us. One branch, in particular, is standing out among the rest, though. The Wilmington, DE, branch, run by Branch Manager, Gary Cohen, has been making a point of getting out into the community and giving back.

“Volunteering gives us all a sense of purpose,” said Gary. “Plus, it gives me pleasure to share with my team just how much their work and contributions have helped so many others.” The Wilmington branch covers all of Delaware, some areas in nearby Pennsylvania, and even some of Maryland, so they have a lot of communities around them that need their help. With pest control, yes, but also in daily life. You may be surprised just how much they have done to serve those communities in the last 6 months.

School supplies ready to be
stuffed into backpacks!

Last fall they bought school supplies (and donated money to be put toward buying even more school supplies) to the Delaware Regional Dream Center. Their purpose aligns with theirs because they both want to provide community outreach to individuals in need so they can fulfill life’s basic necessities. The Delaware Regional Dream Center also works to achieve a more fulfilled standard of living by developing and sustaining programs to help do just that. It’s a worthy cause and focusing on kids and helping their education was a no-brainer for this branch. The team members stuffed backpacks full of the school supplies we may take for granted at the start of every school year.

This branch also likes to make sure to have a broad spectrum of charities they give to. Last year they donated approximately $250 worth of food and supplies to the First State Animal Shelter. Not only does this shelter help find furrever homes but they offer low-cost veterinarian clinics for the community. Don’t look at their website if you’re in the area. You’ll come home with a new pet.

Packed up and ready to donate.

They also collected over 350 pounds of food for the Delaware Food Bank. This charity is a favorite in the area since it’s about more than just food. While their mission is to provide nutritious food to people in need in Delaware, they are also all about solutions. Finding solutions to the hunger and poverty problems in their community while providing education and advocacy. It’s more than just feeding people. Now we know why it’s a favorite in the Wilmington area.

This year, so far, the branch has also donated to Dogtopia. This is more than just a doggy daycare. They have a charitable arm that will use the money donated by the Wilmington branch to train service dogs for returning veterans. It’s nice to see a local business helping others. Those are the kinds of businesses a business like ours wants to help.

Bikes ready to roll!

They didn’t stop there! They also donated bikes they collected through Facebook Marketplace to the Urban Bike Project, Join the Revolution. Urban Bike Project is a non-profit community bike shop that works to bring the joys of bicycling to Wilmington residents of all ages. The charity brings bikes to kids that may not have one, teaches them how to fix their own bikes, and finds bikes for adults in the inner city that may not be able to afford a car or public transportation. It provides exercise, a way to get to your job, and the freedom of the wind in your hair! It’s a unique charity and they were so happy to give to it that while the picture shows the six bikes they donated, they already have more they are ready to give.

We also asked Gary why these charities. There are many in the area, so why choose these? He said, “It started as a way to bring my team together by asking them what places they use and currently volunteer or donate to. It was personal to them and a way to support my team and these great charities.” We couldn’t agree with him more. And we couldn’t be prouder of all the charitable work they are doing. We know there will be more to come.