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Birds Facts & Information

There are three species of birds that are prominent to our area. Pigeons have become aggressive and not afraid of people at all – especially when food is available. Anyone who has been to the Jersey shore knows that. You can recognize house sparrows by the series of single note chirps they emit. Starlings are known to compete with, displace, and kill many native birds and their young.

While everyone loves a good bird bath or bird feeder, not only could you be attracting the pest type of birds, but mosquitoes can breed in the water and plenty of wildlife also eat the seeds you’d feed to birds. Raccoons, squirrels, and even bears will be attracted and once they know it’s there, they will be back. Possibly with friends.

How Do I Get Rid of Birds

Bird can seem like just a nuisance, but they can also be destructive. Their droppings are corrosive and can be a slip and fall hazard and the damage they can do just to build a nest can be costly. But, you don’t want to hurt them, right? We don’t either. That’s why getting rid of birds should be about discouraging them from being around in the first place. We can help by using bird deterrents that will do just that.

Make sure you keep grains and seeds tightly secured and not store them outside. In addition, ensure your trash cans are tightly sealed and you clean up after backyard picnics and BBQs completely. This won’t only remove attractants to birds like pigeons, starlings, and sparrows, but to many other pests including flies, ants, cockroaches, mice, rats, raccoons, and just about anything hungry!

What kind of bird am I dealing with?

Knowing the specific species of bird you have around your home is crucial. Different birds have different habits and require different mitigation strategies. Some birds may even be protected by law! Best to bring in a professional to identify the bird you have.

What’s attracting birds to my property?

Identifying attractants like food sources, water, or nesting sites helps address the root cause of a bird problem and can prevent future issues. Many birds eat seeds and seedlings, buds, flowers, vegetables, and maturing fruits so if you have anything like that around, you’ll have birds!

Are there any humane and legal bird deterrents I can use?

There are various bird control methods available, but some may be harmful or illegal. Choosing humane and legal bird control options is important. It’s also why it’s best to bring in a professional for bird control.

Are starlings considered invasive in some areas?

Starlings are not native to North America and can outcompete native birds for resources. Now considered one of the worst nuisance birds in this country, Old World starlings were purposely introduced to Central Park, New York City in 1890 by a well-meaning but misguided man. The original 60 pairs that were released rapidly multiplied. Soon after, the American starling population exploded, and the species spread rapidly throughout the entire U.S. and much of Canada.

Are pigeons really that smart?

Pigeons have surprised scientists with their problem-solving abilities, memory skills, and even recognition of human faces. In addition, they have become less and less afraid of people since they’re around them so much. So, you may see a pigeon realizing lunch time is upon us and swooping in and landing near someone just trying to enjoy a sandwich on a nice day.

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