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Cockroach Facts & Information

The three major species of cockroaches in our area are the American, the German, and the Oriental. All three are disgusting and can spread disease when every cockroach step. Depending on the cockroach you have, they could put up to two inches long! But no matter which kind you are dealing with, they all crawl across filth, picking up bacteria and germs as they go and depositing in on your nice clean counters!

Primarily an outdoor species, oriental cockroaches are often found in sewers and under debris, leaves, stones and firewood. Additionally, these pests can also live in the voids or openings beneath porches. While their natural habitat is outdoors, oriental cockroaches tend to invade homes during the summer. German cockroaches usually prefer a moist environment with a relatively high degree of warmth. German cockroaches show a preference for warm (70°F/21°C) and humid places. Even though they are usually found in residential and commercial kitchens and secondarily in bathrooms, a German cockroach infestation can occur in any area where people eat and drink. American cockroaches prefer to shelter in narrow cracks and crevices. They love the area behind refrigerators since there is often the moisture they need to survive and crumbs tend to accumulate under fridges no matter how much you clean. Their favorite spot is under sinks for much the same reason but you can also find them hiding in dark drawers or cabinets. No matter which cockroach you have, they will scurry at the sound of someone coming in the room and at the flip of a light switch.

How Do I Get Rid of Cockroaches

Unfortunately, American and German roaches will seek out food sources wherever they can find them. Despite your best efforts to keep your kitchen spotless, these resilient pests will make do with just about anything to eat. In fact, they have been known to feast on cardboard, wallpaper paste, book bindings, grease, leather, soap, and even human hair. They can often be found hiding out in stacks of cardboard in your attic and garage, books that you’ve stored away for extended periods of time, and even behind pictures that have been hanging on the walls.

The best advice for Oriental cockroach control is to practice good sanitation. To prevent oriental cockroaches from infesting a home, vacuum often and keep a spotless kitchen. Consider using a dehumidifier to prevent moisture buildup or having a moisture barrier installed in your home. Best way to keep cockroaches out of your Pennsylvania, Delaware, New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut home is with a local cockroach exterminator.

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Do cockroaches bite?

It may surprise you to know that cockroaches are, in fact, able to bite humans. There have been reported cases of cockroaches biting fingernails, eyelashes and calloused skin on hands or feet. Cockroaches will also eat dead skin cells. However, cases of cockroach bites are extremely rare.

Can cockroaches fly?

All species of cockroaches have wings as adults, but not all are good flyers, or don’t fly at all. In fact, most cockroaches do not fly at all. And cockroaches that are able to fly will usually only do so if the heat or cold conditions encourage it.

Can cockroaches drown?

They will drown, but many kinds have an impressive ability to hold their breath. The German cockroach can survive 15 minutes under cold tap water, but it dies quickly under warm water. The American cockroach can survive many minutes under water—so yes, they can crawl up and out of a toilet!

Will cockroaches survive a nuclear bomb?

Even though this is a popular adage, it’s not true. All evidence points to the conclusion that no, cockroaches ultimately wouldn’t survive a nuclear apocalypse.

Where do cockroaches live?

Cockroaches prefer to shelter in narrow cracks and crevices. Check behind refrigerators, under sinks, and in dark drawers or cabinets. They forage for food at night, eating a wide variety of foods and non-food materials. This allows them to survive even in clean homes.

How do I get rid of cockroaches?

Some say peppermint oil can help keep them away. Some say baking soda. Really, you need an exterminator to really get rid of cockroaches since not only are they excellent hiders, but they scurry away and avoid people as much as possible. Knowing where they are is half the battle and a trained eye will know where to look and therefore where to focus their pest control attention.

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