Where Do Bed Bugs Live?

What Are Some Places That Bed Bugs Like to Hide In?

Bed bugs are named for one of their favorite places to find a tasty blood meal, but they certainly don’t discriminate on location and they’re not only found in beds.

In fact, bed bugs can appear just about anywhere. These critters are drawn to the carbon monoxide we release and they love our body heat.

Knowing where to look for bed bugs is important because they can be found in places you normally would not expect.

Bed Bugs in the Home

Bed Bugs like to “hang out” where you do… the warmer and cozier the better. Here are spots to watch out for:

  • Couch: Bed Bugs may be found here, as it’s another cozy spot where people fall asleep.
  • Desk & reading chairs: Not the first place you think of, but someplace to check!
  • Used furniture and/or mattresses: Used mattresses are a common place to find bed bugs so keep these outside your home until a pest professional has performed a thorough inspection and removal of any bed bugs found.
  • Behind picture frames or switch plates: Bed bugs can show up in strange places – a thorough inspection is the best way to find them.

Bed Bugs in Hotels/Motels

Hotels are not immune to the bed bug by any means, so take proper precautions when traveling.

Check the room before bringing in luggage! If you find dark marks on the mattress or box spring, immediately request another room. It could be evidence of bed bugs.

Eyeball the rest of the room, including other furniture such as desk chairs.

Dresser drawers are made for clothing, but Jennifer Brumfield, Entomologist B.C.E. service area advises that you NEVER put your belongings inside a hotel’s drawers or on the luggage rack.

Place your belongings on the bathroom counter or in the tub instead, ideally in a plastic bag.

Other Places You May Find Bed Bugs

Here are some of the more surprising places where these feared critters have appeared.

  • Movie theaters: Dark and packed with people, theatres can become infested.
  • Offices: We spend a lot of time at work, and a coworker can easily transport an infestation.
  • Moving vans or mattress delivery trucks: A no-brainer but a place people don’t think of.
  • Public transportation: Some cities are moving toward hard plastic seats to prevent problems.
  • Restaurants: Bed bugs are hitchhikers and could easily crawl onto a diner’s bag or clothing.
  • Schools: Educational facilities are prone to infestations due to the constant stream of students and faculty coming and going on a daily basis.
  • College dorms: Infestations in dorms spread quickly. Some colleges have dedicated fumigation trailers for furniture.
  • Retail fitting rooms: These small, confined spaces provide the human access bed bugs seek.
  • Nursing homes and hospitals: Ask if your hospital or long term care provider has a bed bug policy – there should be specific protocols for dealing with this issue.
  • Clothing or Shoes: Bed bugs hide anywhere that is warm and confined, like your sneakers.

Professional Bed Bug Control

The surest path to getting bed bug problems solved quickly is to work with an experienced bed bug control team.

From assessing the scale of an infestation to helping you prepare for treatment, it can be the fastest way to eliminate bed bugs from your home.

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