How Long Do Flies Live?

Fly Life Cycle

The life cycle of a fly includes several growth stages called molts. The amount of time a molt takes depends on factors in the pests’ environment, so the lifespan of a fly can vary. Common flies homeowners may notice inside include vinegar flies, house flies, and drain flies.

How Long Do Flies Live in Homes?

The length of a fly’s lifespan depends on its living conditions. Warm homes with food sources help flies live longer than they would outdoors. On average, most of these insects live two to three weeks in houses.

Fly Problems

Although the lifespan of a fly may seem short, these pests breed rapidly enough to become a nuisance. Many species frequent garbage, drains, and sewers, picking up bacteria that they transfer to food and cooking surfaces in homes. Some varieties, such as black flies, may even bite people and pets.

Control and Removal

Homeowners can keep flies out of the house by getting rid of any potential food sources or breeding sites. Keep kitchens clean and throw out overripe fruit. Taking out trash and cleaning garbage disposals regularly may also remove factors that attract flies.

When flies live in homes, residents may be tempted to use insecticides. However, if applied incorrectly, chemical control can contaminate nearby food and endanger residents. The specialists at Western Pest Services can implement a safe and effective plan to get rid of flies.