What Attracts Spiders?

What Attracts Spiders to Homes and Yards?

Spiders are most often attracted to homes by food. They feed on various insects, small arthropods, and, in some cases, other spiders.

A lack of sanitation or general cleanliness invites these pests to residential areas, and spiders quickly follow suit.

House spiders and cellar spiders, on the other hand, are attracted to humidity and seek out insect prey in areas of the home with high moisture content.


The presence of shelter also attracts spiders. These items all provide shelter for a wide variety of spider species:

  • Wood piles
  • Debris heaps
  • Overgrown shrubs and grasses
  • Gardens

Additionally, certain outdoor lighting is known to attract insect pests, which in turn draws spiders to the area.

house spider
House spider

How Do Spiders Get Inside?

Most spiders find their way inside homes by accident. Spiders that spend the majority of their time outdoors in lawns, such as garden and grass spiders, do not typically venture inside.

Cracks & Gaps
Spiders get inside through cracks in building foundations and gaps around windows and doors.

They may also enter the home by hitching rides on:

  • Plants
  • Firewood
  • Boxes

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