Where Are Ticks Commonly Found?

Common Habitats

Various species of ticks are found throughout the United States such as in:

  • Grassy areas
  • Woodlands
  • Along hiking trails

Where Are Ticks Found?
They generally perch on the tips of long blades of grass or shrubs with their forelegs outstretched. When an animal brushes past them, they let go of the plant and climb onto the host to feed.

Host Animals
Since they also live on animal hosts, ticks can be found wherever mice, deer, and squirrels are abundant.

Lawns with unkempt grass, damp leaf litter, and overgrown bushes are environments where ticks thrive, as well.

Prevention Tips

To prevent ticks, homeowners should:

  • Lawns: Keep lawns mowed short and bushes trimmed.
  • Carriers: Take steps to ensure that common carriers of ticks, such as mice and deer, are not attracted to private properties.
  • Debris: Clean up debris and keep piles of logs or brush away from homes.
  • Food: Clean up spilled birdseed and pet food.
  • Trash: Secure garbage bins so that wild animals do not have access to easy sources of food.


Contact the Professionals
Individuals who suspect tick problems on their property should contact a professional pest control service.

The experts at Western Pest can eliminate the threat of ticks and inhibit the spread of dangerous tick-borne illnesses like Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain spotted fever, and anaplasmosis.

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