Home Pest Control Tips: Decks

Avoid Deck Destroying Pests

Home maintenance is often your best protection against pests, especially in the fall and winter months when pests are looking to get into your home to keep warm from the cold weather.

Just because the seasons are changing, your outdoor property shouldn’t fall to the wayside. If your maintenance habits tend to slack off in the fall and winter, pests will be sure to take advantage.

Proper Maintenance

One of the areas that is most commonly infiltrated by pests this season is your home’s deck.

If your deck is weathered or the wood has lost its luster and shine, it could become an attractive place for pests to get comfortable, our Wilmington, DE Branch Manager, Tony Franciscus explained.

“Take a look at the condition of your deck. If it’s weathered, consider re-sealing it with stain or a clear coat. A sealed deck prevents pests, such as termites and carpenter ants, who are looking to get into the grooves of exposed or rotting wood and make it their meal. Adding a layer of clear coat or stain will add an extra layer of protection.” – Tony Franciscus, Wilmington, DE Branch Manager

This will also reduce your risk over the winter for the upcoming spring season, when spring’s most common moisture loving pests – the wood destroyers, will start to emerge.

Preventative Measures

If you have a wood deck that is raised off the ground, consider installing screen mesh material underneath to reduce wildlife and other pests or animals from nesting in the dark, comfortable area beneath.

Another area to check for pests this season is your shed.

If you find gaps underneath your shed or deck, many pests, like skunks, rodents, squirrels, opossums, and other animals will seek to hide out in these areas too, potentially causing damage underneath.

Screen off these areas to prevent them from getting inside and having the opportunity to wreak havoc.

Other Prevention Methods
You can also:

  • Keep structures freshly painted or sealed
  • Trim back bushes and trees
  • Ensure proper drainage away from structures
  • Level dirt/ground under structures
  • Remove any puddles, standing water, or debris

If you suspect you have a rodent, animal, or other pest taking up residence near your deck, shed, or home, always take caution, and contact a licensed pest professional to properly exclude the pests.

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