The Western 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Standing behind our services for 100 years… and counting.

The Western Proven Performance Guarantee

Our Proven Performance Guarantee is designed to provide our clients with a measure of insurance and peace of mind that is unequaled in the pest control industry. It’s just one more way we show that with one call to Western, you can Consider it Done.® Western guarantees your immediate satisfaction AND your long-term satisfaction.

It begins with our comprehensive, initial intensive program. The intensive program is designed to eliminate your pests. You are under no obligation to pay us for the intensive program until the pests are gone GUARANTEED. We stand behind this commitment 100%. Once we have completed our initial intensive program to your satisfaction, we then begin a regular maintenance and service program. If new cockroach or rodent infestations occur between our scheduled service visits, Western will do the following::

1. Take immediate action to correct the pest problem to your satisfaction at no additional charge. We will respond the same day if you call our office before noon or by the end of the next business day if you call between noon and 5:00 p.m. GUARANTEED, or your next month’s service is free.
2. Follow-up services will be scheduled as determined by the presence of the following:
• Cockroaches: weekly until resolved
• Mice: weekly until resolved
• Rats (inside or out): every other day until resolved
3. If we do not solve a recurring pest problem to your satisfaction, Western will, at your request, refund all monies paid under the current contract up to one year.
4. If a federal, state, county or city regulatory official cites your establishment for a cockroach or rodent infestation, Western will pay the fine up to $10,000.00.

Western’s Quality Assurance Department will assist you through the intervention and negotiation with the inspecting agency authorities to resolve any compliance matter related to pest infestation… at no charge.
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“We installed your Termite Defensive a number of years ago and have not seen even one termite since the system was installed.”

Tammy T.
Edison, NJ