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5 Things to Look for in a Commercial Pest Control Company

Choosing a pest control company for your business can be daunting. In addition to the fact that there are so many things to consider, failing the pest portion of an audit in some businesses can cause a shut-down. Here are five things to keep in mind when you are choosing a pest control company for your business.

Do They Have a Customer Portal?

It’s pretty common for a pest control company to have a customer portal nowadays, but what can it do for you and your business? You should be able to create, view, and update log entries including a record of pest sightings and the services rendered. The portal should reduce preparation time, eliminate human error, and be the digital logbook your business deserves with clean financial data. You should never again be worried about coming up with incomplete information when an audit comes your business’s way. And it should all be done easily with a customizable dashboard. If the company you’re considering doesn’t have that, be wary.

IPM Expertise

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) goes so much further than just spraying for the pests you can see. It includes making sure to include lowest-risk treatment strategies and long-term prevention plans. IPM also makes sure to minimize both the damage pests and products can do to both the facility and the environment. IPM doesn’t stay inside, either. It includes the exterior of the building, too. It should also include education for your staff since they are really on the front line most of the time. So, when you’re considering a pest control company always ask if they include IPM strategies. But don’t stop there. Ask what kinds of strategies they employ. Learn more about what IPM should include so you know what you’re looking for out of their answers. If they can’t answer that, move on.

Experience & Innovation

For commercial pest control, you want to make sure you are getting the right mix of long-term experience with keeping up to date on current technologies. The company you are considering should have longevity behind them, so you know they are tried and true in the industry. Using a company with less experience can have long-term effects on your pest control. You want a company that can deal with your pest issue the first time around. The longer your pest issue goes on, the harder it will be to take care of. So, the experience is important, but you don’t want them to be stuck in their ways. There are always new technologies and strategies coming to the forefront of the industry. Not only do you want a company that will be on top of them, but you want one that actually comes up with some themselves. Innovation and experience are both key.

Detailed Service Offerings

The company you are choosing should, of course, be top-notch in their pest control, but that should not be all they can offer your business. Having Board Certified entomologists on hand to educate you and your staff is an important role in the partnership with your pest control company. The technicians should also be trained to see more than pests. Can they recognize and report signs of electrical issues that could be caused by some pests? They should also be able to give recommendations on sanitation since that tends to go hand in hand with pest

infestations. In addition, they should be able to provide professional disinfectant treatment. The products used in pest control are regulated by the same agency that regulates the products that are used in professional disinfectant services. As long as their technicians are being trained and certified in pesticides, they should be trained and certified to use a professional disinfectant product. If they can’t offer that to you, what other training and licensing are they behind on?

Service Guarantee

Of course, their services should be guaranteed. That’s a no-brainer. But, have they been around long enough to show they can back up that guarantee? This is where experience comes in again. Anyone can say they guarantee their work, but only a company that has been around for a while with that same guarantee can actually prove it. You can’t afford to choose the second-best in this case.

Final Thoughts

The only thing we did not mention is the price. It’s very subjective and is dependent upon so many variables including the size of the building and how many visits are included. Just make sure you remember you get what you pay for and be sure you are comparing apples to apples when you choose your company. If one company has a guarantee and emergency services and the other doesn’t, then the price will be different – and should be. Just make sure you choose wisely and consider all the services you get from the company you’re considering. Don’t just choose based on the price tag. You can listen here for a look behind the curtain about how pest control companies measure their own worth.

Some of this may seem like common sense, but when pest control is needed and you have enough on your job’s plate, having everything to consider in one spot can be helpful. When you do finally choose, you will have the confidence to say, “My pest control company is the best!”

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