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Category: Ants

Ant Topics for Identification, Prevention & Control

If ants are a problem in your home or business, reliable, accurate information is your first line of defense. We’ve created this blog section so you can access all the ant information you need when it comes to properly identifying these pests, understanding the problems they can cause, and learning more about preventing these insects from invading your pantry, office breakroom, or commercial kitchen.

The Western ant facts guide covers everything from insect bites and nests to damage and contamination concerns. Browse our image galleries to find useful information about identifying the ant species common to the North Atlantic region. Or, read up on prevention measures you can take to stop infestations before they take hold.

Access to ant facts and information on protecting homes, apartments, and offices lets you make informed decisions when it comes to pest control, and that’s important to our team. If you’re having trouble with an ant infestation, we want to help. Contact the experts at Western Pest Services to arrange a free home inspection.

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