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Category: Wasps

Wasp Information: Identification, Types, Stings, Nests & Control Tips

Wasp problems in a home or business require a high level of caution and care. These insects can deliver multiple stings, and their venom may result in a medical emergency for those with allergies. The experts at Western Pest Services created this blog series so people have access to accurate wasp information and can keep themselves and others safe from stings and severe allergic reactions.

When you discover a nest in your walls, parking lot, or business entrance, you need to know what type of stinging pest you’re dealing with. Read our wasp facts guide to help you identify the stinging insects common to the Mid-Atlantic so you can distinguish them from other species and take appropriate action.

Having trustworthy wasp information on hand when you encounter a nest is crucial. Removing nests is extremely dangerous, and it’s always best to get help from the professionals. If you’re concerned about wasps in your home, yard, or on your commercial property, contact Western Pest Services for assistance in New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Delaware, and Pennsylvania.

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