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5 Reasons Why You Should Use A Pest Control Company to Disinfect

There are plenty of companies that are boasting that they can disinfect your facility for you. Sometimes, it’s purely a matter of opportunity. Disinfecting is important right now, and people are seeking companies that can do it, so let’s start a company! Using an inexperienced company that has no real formal understanding, compliance, or training can have serious consequences.

A cleaning company seems to be the most logical company to turn to, but are they? Using bleach is a little different than using industrial disinfectants. A homeowner uses bleach, but you wouldn’t expect them to know how to use a commercial-grade disinfectant with active ingredients like peroxides, quaternary ammonium compounds, or oxidizing agents.

So, who do you turn to in this hour of need? You may be surprised to learn that pest control companies are the most logical business to use for disinfectants. Why would you use a pest control company to also provide a disinfecting service? We think you’ll be surprised by the reasons.

Here are 5:

Reason #1: The ingredients used in industrial disinfectants are regulated by the same agency that regulates pesticides. As a matter of fact, disinfectants are defined as “microbial pesticides” by the EPA. A reputable pest control company makes sure their technicians are certified and trained to use these products. So, if you use the right pest control company, you’ll already be in compliance with regulatory requirements for licensing and certification. It’s the difference between Mr. Right and Mr. Right Now.

Reason #2: The equipment used to mist the disinfectant also takes training. It’s not just about the products. Experienced pest control technicians are familiar with and trained to use the application equipment as well. Someone who is unfamiliar with the equipment may not apply the correct amount. They also may not apply the product in the right locations to ensure that microbes receive a lethal dose of the disinfectant, potentially leaving viable microbes behind. Having someone that knows the equipment in addition to the product will complement the cleaning company you’re already using. Anybody can wipe down a railing, but disinfecting is a specific treatment.

Reason #3: Pest control and disinfecting are both public health services. Pests are well known for the many illnesses and diseases they can spread. From malaria, to Lyme disease, to salmonellosis, there are plenty of reasons pest control is a public health service. Disinfecting has a more obvious connection to public health, but pest control and disinfecting truly go hand-in-hand. The difference is: not all disinfecting companies are trained to treat for pests. If you are using a reputable pest control company, their technicians are trained to use the products and equipment for disinfecting as well.

Reason #4: Your current pest control provider already knows your facility. A technician that has serviced your building before will be familiar with all the corners and crevices of your building – even the secret areas pests like to hide. Knowing the layout of your building and the nature of your business is half the battle when you’re dealing with pests and pathogens. Someone coming in for the first time may miss vital areas where disinfectants are needed. They could also take longer to treat, causing a longer downtime, which we all know can cost money.

Reason #5: Experience and expertise are essential right now. We aren’t telling you to just pick any old pest control company. You need one you can trust with years of experience behind them. We aren’t too proud to tell you – that’s Western Pest Services. Some businesses have the years of experience behind them and some just don’t. Western does and even has the Western PurClean™ disinfectant treatment to offer.

As you can see, pest and pathogen control are linked in many ways. And while many pest control companies aren’t able to provide disinfectant services, several are, including Western Pest Services. If you choose the right pest control company, you will be getting knowledgeable, trained, and certified technicians that are able to do both.

So, if you’re considering having a disinfectant treatment done on your business, consider the pest control company you have trusted for years. Even if you haven’t used Western Pest Control for your pest control services, our technicians will be using their trained eye for treatment. They may see something your current company is missing – and possibly even suggest cost-saving alternatives. Contact Western Pest Services today. It’s only logical.

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