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Choosing the Right Pest Control Provider

Are you looking for a pest control provider for the first time or thinking of making a change to your existing service? It can be overwhelming to choose between many local pest control companies with similar services, so we’ve compiled the top five questions you should ask to help find the right pest control provider for you and your home.

1. Which pests do you cover?

Nobody wants to hire multiple pest control companies, so it’s best to choose one that can confidently handle any pest problem that may come your way – from ants to mosquitoes to termites and everything in between. You should also ask if the technicians are certified and licensed to handle the pests they say they can and how often they train. It’s critical that licenses are up-to-date and that training is considered important at the company.

2. What proactive or preventative pest control options do you offer?

It’s difficult to prevent pests from entering your home. The best way to manage it is a proactive, curative treatment that focuses on the exterior limiting their chances of ever getting in your home in the first place. Ask what proactive pest control service offerings each company provides, including exclusion and maintenance offerings.

3. How long after I request service can you be at my house?

Pest issues can be stressful, and you’ll want the problem taken care of as soon as possible. Take into consideration how long it will take on average for providers to respond and come out for unscheduled visits. Same day or next day service is what the companies should be striving toward, so it’s OK to expect it. The faster your pest company comes, the closer you will be to being pest-free.

4. Do you offer free emergency visits?

Most pest control companies will have seasonally scheduled visits. But when an issue arises in between services, you’ll want your pest control technician to come out as soon as possible. Check if your provider offers or charges for emergency service visits between scheduled appointments.

5. Do you provide written documentation and maintenance recommendations after each visit and do you guarantee your work?

The best pest control providers work with homeowners to manage pests together by offering documentation and maintenance recommendations. Not to be confused with a do-it-yourself pest control approach, these recommendations will provide ways to help reduce pest entry points and attractants around your home. Finding a pest control company will provide those services and has a 100% guarantee will offer the ultimate in peace of mind.

It can be tempting to base your pest control decisions solely on price, but keep in mind the quality and guarantees that are (or are not) included in those bids. While cost efficiency counts, your decision should ultimately be a reflection of service value and the solutions you’re really getting. After all, it’s not just a bug exterminator you’re looking for, but a protector of your home from potential disease-carrying pests. By asking the right questions, you can make sure you get the best value and the best service for your family.

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