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Oriental Cockroaches


  • People often find these pests in damp basements or underneath sinks in kitchens or bathrooms.
  • Oriental cockroaches move slowly, which makes them easier to find.
  • The insects eat kitchen scraps, animal waste, and decaying plants.


The oriental cockroach is dark brown or black with a broad, glossy body and six legs. Males have a pair of long, flightless wings. Females have a distinctly different look with only a set of undeveloped wing pads below their heads. Nymphs look just like the adults, only smaller and lighter in color.

How Do Oriental Cockroaches Get Inside Buildings?

The pests enter homes through cracks in foundations, household drains, and underground pipes. Oriental cockroaches sneak in through gaps beneath doors and crevices around poorly sealed window frames, too.

Crumbs, spills, and moisture from leaking pipes or faucets attract the insects, which means restaurants, cafeterias, and hotels are at high risk of infestation. Additionally, oriental cockroaches may climb through the sewer lines of schools, warehouses, and apartment buildings in search of cool, damp places to hide.

Signs of Oriental Cockroach Infestation

  • Sightings of multiple cockroaches, either alive or dead
  • Finding specks of cockroach feces that resemble black pepper
  • Discovering reddish-brown, barrel-shaped egg cases
  • Noticing fragile cast-off skins from oriental cockroach molts

Problems Caused by Oriental Cockroaches

Oriental cockroaches do not bite or sting. However, since they feed on waste and rotting food scraps, the pests do carry pathogens like Salmonella on their bodies and pollute everything they touch. Enzymes produced by oriental cockroaches can also cause allergic reactions and asthma issues.

Negative guest and tenant reviews caused by oriental cockroach problems can harm a hotel or apartment building’s reputation as well as their bottom line. Restaurants, warehouses, and supermarkets may suffer widespread product losses due to contamination as well.

Prevention Tips

Repairing foundation damage and fixing water leaks helps deter oriental cockroaches. Cover any open drains, keep kitchens clean, and seal all containers stored in pantries. To combat an oriental cockroach problem in your home or business, contact Western Pest Services to speak to an expert.

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