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Apartment Pest Control: Five Questions to Ask

As a multi-family community or property manager, you roll out the red carpet to welcome new residents, but you should make sure you aren’t welcoming unwanted residents. Sometimes, efforts to make apartment buildings feel like home can also attract unwanted pests.

multifamily apartment community - ask the right questions about pest control

Effective pest control is critical to keeping pests out and apartment residents happy. And this starts with a strong partnership with a trusted pest control company. With so many options to choose from, selecting the best fit and most qualified provider for the job can be overwhelming. To help narrow down your apartment pest control provider search, here are five questions to ask pest control companies:

  1. What’s their experience, especially in your industry?
    Each industry has different needs, so hiring a provider with experience specifically in multi-family services can go a long way. For apartment buildings, pest control providers need to consider discretion during visits as well as the safety of residents, children, and pets. Seasoned apartment pest providers also know common weak spots and potential problem areas to inspect carefully.While your pest provider isn’t required to have many years of experience in the multi-family industry (although that doesn’t hurt!) you should ask for specific examples of how they provide pest management services within apartment buildings specifically. It’s also important for them to be local to your building. Knowing the kinds of pests in the area is half the battle.
  2. What training and certifications do they require of their employees?
    Technicians should be bonded and insured, at a minimum. They should also have an applicator’s license in category 7A for general pest control. If treating wood-destroying pests, such as termites, an applicator’s license in category 7B will be needed. A standout provider will also have one, if not more, certifications from undergoing extensive training. The EPA’s Pesticide Applicator Certification is one example of an industry-recognized certification to ask about when vetting a potential provider.A good pest provider will invest in and train their professionals on an ongoing basis. For instance, Western Pest Services encourages employees to have more than one certification and invests in trainings and educational opportunities all year.
  3. How do they determine the appropriate treatment or service?
    No pest issue is the same, so a skillful pest control provider cannot diagnose your problem over the phone. To understand your business’s pest control needs, they need to take the time to carefully inspect your apartment buildings for signs of pests and potential entry points.For example, at Western, we offer free quotes to determine the best pest control approach for the unique needs of your apartment buildings. From there, our team works with you to develop a treatment plan set up to offer you long-lasting results.
  4. What’s their availability, especially for on-call issues?
    The last thing you need is a provider who is unavailable when you need them most. If a pest problem arises, your provider should be responsive to your calls and available to check out the issue in person. You should never have to wait weeks for a pest management solution, so ask what a typical response time would be.
  5. How do they measure success?
    A proper provider should not call it quits after their first attempt if the problem persists or you aren’t fully satisfied. Ask about their guarantee policy, and discuss a regular cadence for when the pest management professional may regularly visit to follow up on issues and routine prevention. For example, Western Pest Services offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee, so if our team doesn’t do the job correctly the first time, customers won’t pay until it’s made right.

Keep your community playground pest free this summerWhen vetting a pest control provider for your apartment complex, asking questions will help you make the best decision for your properties and residents. The right provider will want to deliver the information you need to feel comfortable and confident with your choice.

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