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Stink Bug Facts

Information & Things to Know About Stink Bugs

Picture of Stink Bug

What Are Stink Bugs?

Stink bugs. Even their name sounds unappealing. Fortunately, these guys don’t pose a large threat to you or your family but they are a nuisance as they travel indoors during the colder months.

Keep Stink Bugs Out

The better you get to know this common household pest, the better your chances are of keeping them out:

  1. Timing is everything: In the winter, a warm, cozy home is invitation enough for the stink bug. The best time for preventative measures intended for this particular pest is in the late summer or early fall, because they tend to travel indoors as the weather cools down.
  2. Look, but don’t touch: Your first instinct when you find a pest inside your home is to kill it, right? Wrong, in the case of stink bugs. They get their name from the odiferous scent omitted when feeling threatened or crushed. The best way to rid your home of stink bugs is by vacuum or by gently removing them with a napkin or paper towel.
    • Note: Residual stink bug scents may linger on your vacuum’s parts. It’s best to use a handheld vacuum designated for stink bug use only.
  3. Landscape them away:  Stink bugs feed on shrubbery. If said shrubbery is touching or in close proximity to your home, the likelihood of them gaining entry is significantly higher. Make sure you maintain good landscaping throughout the years.
  4. Where to Look: Stink bugs play hide-and-seek better than most humans. If you look hard enough, you can find them in curtains, exhaust fans, and fireplaces to start.
  5. Inspection and Detection: The best way to avoid stink bugs? Thorough inspection, both along the outside and the interior, by Western’s pest professionals will assist you in the discovery and sealing of potential entryways for these odorous pests. Thoroughness and a continued line of defense is available through Western’s Stink Bug Control Program.

Create a Plan

During early fall, stink bug control programs have their best chance for impact, preventing these pests before they get inside your walls. Contact Western today to learn more.

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