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Stink Bugs in the House

Why Are Stink Bugs in My House?

Though they do not sting or bite, stink bugs are a major nuisance for homeowners. While they remain outdoors in the warmer months, these insects search for safe spots to hide during the cold Mid-Atlantic winter. When they find a good location, the pests emit a pheromone that draws other stink bugs. They then become dormant, staying out of sight until spring.

Common Hiding Places

Residents may notice stink bugs in the house throughout the cooler months. Once inside, they tend to stay in warm, secluded areas like chimneys, attics, and vents. As the temperatures begin to rise, you could see these pests climbing on window curtains, ceiling lights, and walls as they look for a way out.

Because they’re so small, stink bugs can easily enter homes undetected. They can crawl or fly through door frames, torn screens, and open utility pipes. To deter these pests from invading your house, make sure to seal any visible gaps or cracks.

How to Get Rid of Stink Bugs

The easiest way to remove a stink bug from your home is to use a vacuum cleaner hose to suck it up. Avoid crushing them, as they will give off a foul odor that attracts others. If you suspect you have an issue with stink bugs, it’s best to call the trusted experts at Western Pest Services.

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