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The 5 Supply Chain Visibility Trends You Need to Know About

In the era of information, supply chain visibility is becoming more crucial to the logistics process overall. Logistics managers, having to account for large amounts of moving and variable data, are constantly evolving pieces of the chain. They are always assessing and managing risk and have complex amounts of data to manage at all times. No matter what industry you service, big picture visibility to the entirety of the supply chain is crucial to continuous efficiency. With advancements in technology, we anticipate continued improvements in the supply chain process and visibility overall, with five main areas to watch.

  1. The internet will continue to demand more real-time data on items making their way through theimage of remote rodent monitoring and remote pest monitoring technology supply chain. Managers must make this real-time data a priority as B2B customers expect instant data on where their goods are at all times. That’s where remote monitoring will make a huge difference. Using remote monitoring that includes instant alerts and quicker response times will be integral in larger warehouses – especially those in highly regulated industries that face regular audits.
  2. Artificial intelligence will continue to make its way into the supply chain market. From building loads to sending real time updates mentioned above, AI will soon be a must for supply chain visibility, especially since those kinds of real-time demands can be expensive and near impossible to keep up with using the current traditional methods.
  3. More focus must be put on risk management and supply chain resilience, including pest risks. Advancements and attention toward risk management will likely always be a trend for the supply chain business, as resilience directly affects the supply chain’s bottom line. With the constantly changing supply chain system, staying on top of inbound risks is more important than ever.
  4. Increased real-time inventory management via improved visibility will be key. Tying into the real time data and AI points above, inventory management in real-time will exponentially increase supply chain visibility and streamline overall efficiencies.
  5. Incorporating pest management at every stage of the supply chain is a necessity. While the entireChecking for no pests in a food processing plant supply chain is becoming more automated, there is still a strong need for a pest control partner. By implementing pest control throughout the entire supply chain, the odds of a pest problem affecting the supply chain are exponentially lower. From inbound pest inspections to outbound verification, pests can be detrimental to your bottom line and your reputation.

When it comes to supply chain visibility, these are important trends and advancements to keep in mind. Managers should consider these trends when confronting issues in their supply chain visibility or consider upgrades to their processes with data, artificial intelligence, risk management, effective pest management, and any other ongoing concerns.

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