Commercial Stink Bugs Control

Commercial stink bug control is a growing need. Outside of agriculture, food-processing plants may be hard hit. For other businesses, stink bugs are a nuisance, but that offers little solace to hotels, restaurants, and property managers who must field complaints. Western excels with a proven stink bug reduction program that combats these invaders.

Western’s Expert Commercial Stink Bug Control Program

Western helps to control stink bug populations, leveraging the stink bug life cycle to strike when it counts.

  • Identifying stink bug entry points: Especially in fall, exclusion is the best remedy
  • Stink bug removal: Taking a phased approach, we remove bugs in walls and interiors
  • Application of stink bug control materials: Low-impact residuals help prevent future infestation

Signs of a Stink Bug Problem

Stink bug infestations are at their worst in spring and fall, and they’re generally easy to spot. Look for:

  • Past stink bug issues, which predict for problems
  • Bugs found sunning on the south-west part of the building
  • Cracks and voids that facilitate their entry

Stink Bug Damage

Stink bugs can shut down food production lines, costing valuable time and money. Other problems include:

  • Factors that attract overwintering pests
  • A foul odor when stink bugs are frightened or crushed
  • Customer service headaches
  • Lost production time in food processing facilities

Housekeeping Tips for Stink Bug Problems
From hotels to restaurants to retail stores, many businesses are experiencing stink bug infestations.

During the fall, stink bugs will end up inside your business, seeking a site to overwinter.

Treatment is most effective during late summer and early fall, when Western can help reduce emerging stink bug populations. Here are a few tips to help your team get the stink bugs away before they frighten your customers.

  • Vacuum bodies from the windowsills, and then empty the bags immediately outside
  • For limited management, fly lights can be somewhat effective at keeping stink bugs away
  • Watch your landscaping: certain trees and shrubs are stink bug breeding grounds…and could explain your problems inside

Get back to business with a stink bug reduction program that works: contact Western to learn more.