Atlantic City is a popular vacation spot for many East coasters, from the exciting nightlife to the family-friendly beaches. Atlantic City is also a hot-spot for the hospitality industry. Unfortunately, this means it’s also a hotspot for those blood-sucking pests we all fear: bed bugs.

“We see a lot of bed bug activity in Atlantic City, mostly due to how much turnover there is when it comes to hotel guests. Anecdotally, we see them more at the end of the summer.” – Hope Bowman, Technical Specialist, Philadelphia/South Jersey

For any hotel, a bed bug situation can have a serious impact on your reputation. For hotels in Atlantic City, this is of particular importance. Train your staff to understand the signs of bed bugs and share with them this helpful Hotel Bed Bug Guide. Knowledge is power when it comes to these tiny critters.

If you suspect your hotel is experiencing a bed bug issue, immediately contact a pest professional.