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Pest-Proofing Tips for Better Inspection Scores

By Jennifer Brumfield, Training and Technical Specialist, Western Pest Services

If you knew your health inspector would be at your doorstep first thing tomorrow morning, would you be ready?

Let’s face it, maintaining A-grade performance at all times is a constant challenge for restaurants. You have a busy kitchen to manage, a rotating staff to train, and re-train, and diners to satisfy. Pests only make it worse, because like your inspector, they can show up anytime and without warning.

By following a few simple steps in five key areas of your establishment, you can help keep pests out and be ready to post a higher score, no matter when the inspector arrives.


In the Kitchen

Dining Areas

Behind the Bar

Patio/Outdoor Seating

Don’t put yourself in the position of battling pests every day to keep them out. There are so many ways to pest-proof your establishment, but just the few changes outlined above will make your restaurant much less attractive to pests and your pest control job will get a whole lot easier.

Jennifer Brumfield is a Training and Technical Specialist and Board-Certified Entomologist for Western Pest Services, a New Jersey-based pest management company serving businesses and homeowners in major Northeastern markets.

Originally featured at Total Food Service.