image of a cockroach

What Is Boric Acid?

Derived from boron and water, boric acid is an inorganic chemical powder used to combat cockroach infestations.

How Is It Used?
The insect is not directly repelled by the presence of the boric acid, so the compound is used in various baits and cockroach traps.

Professionals apply products along paths that are frequently traveled by the insects.

How Does It Work?
In dust form, the particles of boric acid cling to cockroach feet and bodies. Since cockroaches clean themselves meticulously, they ingest the toxic dust.

Is Boric Acid Harmful to People?

Boric acid is a slow-acting agent that can be harmful to both humans and pets if it is not applied properly.

People unfamiliar with the product are at a high risk of applying boric acid incorrectly, which can lead accidental ingestion by children and domestic animals.

Leave it to the Professionals
In order to avoid the risk, individuals dealing with cockroach infestations should contact pest control professionals.

They have the training, knowledge, and tools necessary to utilize boric acid correctly and without incident.

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