Health Risks

Often associated with filth, cockroaches are known transmitters of several diseases.

As cockroaches benefit from human activities, people tend to live in close proximity to the insects and are frequently at elevated risk of contracting the illnesses they carry.

German Cockroach

Cockroach Bites Are Extremely Rare

Unlike many pests that transmit diseases to people, cockroaches do not spread pathogens by biting. In fact, they rarely bite humans, if at all.

Though larger species of the insect, such as the German cockroach (Blattella germanica), have strong enough mouthparts to break human skin, they rarely take advantage of this defense mechanism.

Why Do Cockroaches Bite?

The most commonly cited reason for cockroach bites is the existence of food and other organic substances on human skin.

The insects may attempt to feed on these particles and bite as a result. Cockroaches are especially enticed by bits of food and liquid that gather on human faces.

What Does a Bite Mean?

Since cases of cockroach bites are so rare, an occurrence could indicate the existence of a large and nearby infestation.

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