smokybrown cockroach picture

How Long Do Cockroaches Live?

In warm, humid places with access to food and moisture, the average cockroach lifespan is about one year. However, without a water source, these pests can only survive for a few days. Most cockroaches don’t live long because they face plenty of predators, but the insects do have some impressive adaptations for extreme conditions.

Cockroach Survival Tactics

Several biological features extend the cockroach lifespan. For example, cockroaches can live weeks with their heads cut off and survive up to a month without food. The pests also breed quickly, so their numbers grow rapidly in a short time.

In her lifetime, one female cockroach produces around eight eggs sacs with about 48 offspring inside. As a result, only 20 females in a home could give birth to over 7,500 insects during the normal cockroach lifespan.

Cockroach Control

Without proper removal, infestations can easily get out of hand. The cockroach’s lifespan and breeding habits make these pests tough to control. Contact Western Pest Services for help getting rid of problem cockroaches.