What Attracts Mosquitoes?

Attracting Mosquitoes

Unfortunately, mosquitoes prefer scents on each side of the spectrum. They prefer the lovely scents of perfumes and hair products, while simultaneously enjoying less pleasant scents, such as feet.

In addition to specific scents, mosquitoes are drawn to food and beverages that humans tend to enjoy in the summertime as well.

Luckily, now that this has become part of your mosquito knowledge, you can actively try to prevent these scents when venturing outdoors.

What’s luring them?

  • Carbon Dioxide – Did you just exercise? Did you just drink an alcoholic beverage? If so, chances are you’re breathing faster and heavier than you would be normally. Unfortunately, this means mosquitoes are that much more attracted to you. Mosquitoes are greatly attracted to carbon dioxide and the more of it you’re exhaling; the more likely you are to get bitten.
  • Your Metabolism – A by-product of your fast metabolism may be lingering on your skin, and mosquitoes enjoy cholesterol.
  • Your Personal Smell – Everyone exudes their own chemical profile; a combination of genetics, diet, health status and metabolic processes. The result? Some people are more attractive to mosquitoes than others, and some people are less. Fragrances and lotions can increase or decrease this to a largely unknown extent. Mosquitoes are often attracted to the lower leg and foot area, as well. The smell of the bacterial by-products is what lures them.

What Else Attracts Mosquitoes?

Mosquitoes are also attracted to what may be around you like:

  • Fermenting fruit
  • Decaying vegetation (even a recently cut lawn)
  • Heavy moisture
  • Alcohol

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