Bugs That Look Like Mosquitoes

Mosquito-Like Insects

side view of a mosquito

Because of their bites and potential to spread disease, mosquitoes make homeowners wary. However, not all bugs that look like mosquitoes causes the same problems. Several common insects resemble these pests, but they do not hurt humans or take blood meals.

Crane Flies

Due to the pests’ body shape and long thin legs, people often mistake crane flies for large mosquitoes. They seem intimidating but are harmless to humans. Like other mosquito-like insects, they pester people outdoors, but crane flies don’t bite or sting.


In appearance, adult mayflies are mosquito look-alikes. Their behavior leads to even more confusion. These insects live in aquatic habitats like mosquitoes. However, the pests don’t bite or pose any threat. In fact, mayflies play an important role in the ecosystem.


fungus gnat image

Though smaller in size, gnats can look like mosquitoes as both pests fly slowly in unusual patterns. In addition, gnats have long legs compared to their bodies like mosquitoes.

Mosquito Removal

Though most bugs that look like mosquitoes are not dangerous, many of them can be annoying. The experts at Western Pest Services have the right tools and experience to effectively get rid of mosquitoes and mosquito-like insects.