What Temperature Kills Mosquitoes?

side view of a mosquito

Can Mosquitoes Be Killed with Heat or Cold?

Most people encounter mosquitoes at some point in their lives. Because the pests are so common and harmful, experts always look for new tactics to manage them.

In theory, using temperature to slow mosquito development could limit the pests’ numbers and make them less of a problem. However, there are several issues with this type of control.

What Temperature Kills Mosquitoes and Larvae?

As with most insects, extreme heat and freezing cold temperatures kill mosquitoes and their larvae. However, the pests lay their eggs outdoors, so it’s nearly impossible to use this method as a means of control.

There are a few mosquito traps that use radiant warmth and carbon dioxide to attract the pests. While some of these traps may lure one species, they have little effect on others. For homeowners, these devices rarely reduce mosquito problems.

Responding to Infestations

Since the use of intense temperatures to kill mosquitoes is usually impractical, residents should contact Western Pest Services when they run into trouble. Our technicians know safe, effective ways to limit both mosquitoes and their larvae.