picture of a roof rat

Thinking About Roof Rat Traps?

Once a homeowner starts considering the use of rat traps, there is usually clear evidence of the pests’ presence.

Common Presence
Although less predominant than Norway rats in many states, roof rats are common attic-dwellers throughout the country. As they like to live high above the ground in trees and vines, it’s easy for them to enter a home via roof vents and cracks.


It is natural to want to rid a home of roof rats as soon as they are detected, due to the diseases and other difficulties they bring.

Rats are known to carry many illnesses that can be transmitted to people through their:

They also damage homes and insulation with their chewing, and can even start fires by gnawing on wiring.

The Difficult Job of Removal

  • Entry: Rat traps might catch some of the rats that are present, but they won’t prevent others from getting inside.
  • Exclusion: This is why exclusion of future rodents is a vital part of any control effort. However, because the pests are such good climbers, finding and blocking all the access points for roof rats is difficult.

Drawbacks of Roof Rat Traps

Setting rat traps isn’t a task that’s any easier. It requires thinking like a rat and going to the places where they live, which are often high up, cramped, and dirty.

Added obstacles include:

  • Possibility of inhaling dried fecal dust, which can cause illness and respiratory distress.
  • Rat traps must be emptied, requiring getting up close and personal with dead rats.

The Easy Solution

Call the Professionals
It is possible to have immediate removal of roof rats without the filth and fuss.

The experts at Western Pest respond to infestations with a multi-pronged strategy that eliminates the pests that are present, prevents future rats from entering, and restores peace of mind.

It will all be done without the homeowner breaking a sweat, being exposed to disease, or having to handle any dead rats like they would have to when utilizing roof rat traps.

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