Why Do Stink Bugs Stink?

image of a stink bug

What’s in a Name?

Stink bugs obviously have their name for a reason, but have you ever thought about exactly why they stink?

Knowledge of the biology of a particularly pesty pest will help you with future preventative measures, and this certainly goes for stink bugs. The more you know about these odiferous irritants, the better.

What is That Smell?

The stink bug, when feeling particularly vulnerable or when stomped on, omits a smell that is hard to ignore.

When Does a Stink Bug Stink?
When a stink bug is threatened, an odorous liquid flows from two glands located on the throat. The liquid smells AND tastes bad, creating an effective diversion against potential predators.

Why Does a Stink Bug Smell?

The liquid secretion is a powerful defensive tool for the stink bug. If a bird tries to eat this household and agricultural pest, the bad taste and smell surrounding it will often prompt the bird to simply let go.

The smell tends to remain on whatever the stink bug touches, making it more difficult for human beings to kill it as well.

Avoid the Stink
While stink bugs certainly have their name for a reason, their defensive skills are pretty awesome. The most important thing to remember? Don’t crush them!

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