Close up of adult stink bug head

Problems Associated with Common Stink Bug Traps

What are Stink Bugs?
The brown marmorated stink bug is an invasive nuisance insect whose population has been on the rise throughout the United States. While stink bugs can affect a variety of fruits, vegetables, and nuts, most people are more concerned with the insect’s proclivity for aggregating inside homes.

Methods of Trapping Stink Bugs
Homeowners often employ methods of exclusion to keep the pests out, such as sealing potential entryways, but there are other means of control.

Various pheromone-based bait traps and home remedies are also available to individuals dealing with infestations. However, these only reduce stink bug numbers and do not completely remove their presence from buildings.

Increased Activity

Creating a Bigger Problem
Bait traps may actually lead to increased stink bug activity, as the pheromone used typically matches the one the insect gives off. Though brown marmorated stink bugs do not normally breed or feed once they enter homes, large numbers of the insect can appear seemingly overnight.

Call the Professionals
Contacting a trained pest control specialist is the best course of action for complete stink bug removal and control. Professionals set up integrated pest management (IPM) programs that both eliminate stink bugs and keep the insects from coming back.

Pest control specialists have the proper equipment, knowledge, and training regarding various chemicals and repellents that allows them to completely control infestations.

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