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Termites are silent destroyers – they live interiorly in wood and soil and can cause thousands of dollars in damage before ever being detected. That’s why homeowners choose a Western Pest Services termite solution. With three methods of termite defense, you can rest assured that your largest investment is in safe hands. We’ll work with you to choose the best program for your home. We will also work with you to help pay for your termite services with the Western Payment Plan. Get details here. You can also listen to our podcast to hear why “you have termites” is never something you want to hear.

Triple Line of Defense® Liquid Termite Barrier

With the Triple Line of Defense liquid termite barrier, you’ll receive 100% control in less than 120 days. We’ll apply our Triple Line of Defense liquid treatment barrier around your home, which termites will ingest, killing them in the process. Our Termi-Teller™ Monitors are installed and inspected to ensure the “treated zone” is working properly. We’ll also provide a thorough interior inspection to give you added peace of mind.

Baiting System

With eco-friendly Sentricon® bait stations placed strategically around your home’s perimeter, termite colonies will decline as they feed. Foraging individuals will feed on bait, bringing the active materials back to the colony to eliminate all individuals. Once the existing termite colony is removed, Western Termite Technicians will continue monitoring the stations on a regular basis to help prevent further colonies from forming.

Bait Protection with Targeted Treatment

For homes that already show some signs of termites or termite damage, we will apply a targeted treatment using a quick-acting product where termites are seen to take care of those already causing damage. Sentricon® bait stations will then be placed strategically around the home’s perimeter to eliminate the surrounding colonies to offer long-term, full protection.

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Our experienced technicians are passionate about termite control because it’s their neighborhood, too. We’ve been providing quality service to our neighbors since 1928 – and that’s experience you can trust.
100% pest control satisfaction guarantee

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

If you’re not satisfied with our termite treatment, we’ll re-treat your home as required with no further charges. We stand behind our ability to help eliminate pests, and we won’t stop until we’ve completed the job for you.

Wood Destroying Insect Reports

Western Pest Services can provide Wood Destroying Insect Reports (Termite Certificates) to our current customers, non-customers, builders, and the real estate industry. Learn more about WDIRs here.

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“Steve from western has helped me out several times with termite inspections. He has been very professional, thorough in his inspections. I highly recommend their services for termite inspections.”

Stacy E.
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