Termite Prevention Tips

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How to Avoid Letting Termites Into the Home

Why Do Termites Want In My House?

Your home could provide a veritable buffet for termites: wood, wallpaper, cardboard, books, flooring…you name it, they just may eat it.

Fortunately, keeping them at bay is easier than getting rid of them. If you know what to look for and how to prevent them, you can take proactive steps to protect your home from termite damage.

Prevention Tips for the Home

Soil & Wood…Wood & Moisture:
Termites love wood and gain access by burrowing through soil until they hit the jackpot. In moist areas, damp wood provides an added temptation both inside and outside of your home.

Avoid attracting termites with these simple tips:

Reduce Moisture

  • Maintain downspouts and gutters so water drains away from your home and debris, leaves and water do not build up
  • Slope ground away from your home so water runs off
  • Fix leaky pipes
  • Properly ventilate areas where moisture can build up: crawl spaces, bathrooms, etc.

Maintain Landscaping

  • Avoid wood mulch and heavy vegetation around your foundation
  • Check under splash blocks and around firewood piles for termite activity
  • Keep dirt and wood away separated:
  • Store wood and debris piles away from the side of your home. If you don’t need it – throw it away.
  • Remove old tree stumps and roots near or under your home

Wood Storage

  • Avoid storing wood, cardboard and paper products directly on dirt floors of crawlspaces. Use a storage rack for firewood.
  • Maintain ground clearance under fences and a 6-inch boundary between the ground and wood portions of your home (porch steps, lattices, door and window frames)
  • Use pressurized wood or alternative materials on decks and patios and try to avoid direct soil

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