Reduce Moisture, Reduce Pests

Dangers of Excess Moisture

A slew of insects and animals are attracted to one specific thing in your home: water.

Moisture is the livelihood of many pests, sustaining them and even providing breeding grounds for some, like mosquitoes.

If there is an accumulation of moisture in or around any part of your home, the likelihood of an infestation will grow exponentially.

“A lot of pest control comes down to paying a lot of attention to water sources, specifically leaky water lines.”
– Todd Henches, West Orange, NJ Branch Manager.

Common Locations of Moisture Build-Up

The common parts of the house where you can find potentially harmful moisture include:

  • Attic
  • Crawlspace
  • Under the sink
  • Bathroom pipes
  • Surrounding flower pots and other items on the property that contain water

Moisture attracts anything from rodents to mosquitoes to ants. These pests pose the risk of health issues and destruction to your home.

In addition to potential pest issues, accumulated moisture can cause dangerous mold and mildew.

If you suspect that you may have a growing problem, look into Ventilation and Moisture Barriers. Act now before the issue develops into something serious.

 What pests can we expect to see?

  • Pill Bugs: Also known as “roly polies”, these small pests are most often found in areas of high moisture. They get their nickname due to their instinct to roll into a ball. It’s important to note that these pests do not pose any threat to human beings, but they are a nuisance pest. They often stay hidden during the day and appear at nighttime.
  • Millipedes: This pest is unsettling to find and when there is extensive flooding, they are more likely to be discovered. They are attracted to decaying organic material, which means they particularly enjoy damp areas. They are most well-known for their thousands of legs making them a little startling to find indoors.

Moisture can even be linked all the way up to…

  • RodentsAs the hurricane season gears up, be sure to keep an eye out for these moisture-related pests.

If you have a pest control issue that is out of your hands, do not attempt any DIY-solutions. Contact a pest professional as soon as possible.

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