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Field Mice in Basement

Could You Have a Field Mouse in the Basement?

Field mice commonly hide in the basements of homes or businesses. Several pests like to live in secluded areas of buildings, but these rodents can be especially troublesome. It’s easy to confuse one for a house mouse, but a field mouse has larger eyes and ears, as well as a white belly and feet.


While you might have field mice in the house, they do not always remain indoors. Preferring overgrown grass, sheds, and barns, these pests usually come inside seeking shelter during poor weather or to find meals. You may also hear scratching and chewing sounds at night when there are field mice in the basement.

Dangers of a Field Mouse Infestation

Since field mice enter and exit frequently, these pests could bring in fleas and ticks. These parasites can transmit harmful bacteria, such as those that cause Lyme disease. You can also contract hantavirus, a dangerous respiratory infection, if you inhale the dust particles from dried droppings and urine.

A field mouse in the house can cause damage, too. This pest often shreds insulation, furniture, or cardboard to build nests. They may also chew on electrical wiring, creating a fire hazard. Plus, field mice sometimes move into kitchens and break rooms where they eat and contaminate food.


There are a few things you can do to deter field mice. Fill holes where pipes and cables attach to buildings. If you store food in the cellar, make sure all packaging is air-tight and sealed. Unfortunately, when there is one field mouse in the basement, the odds are that you have more, so call the experts at Western Pest Services for a consultation or contact us online.

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