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The Quarantine Has Affected Trash

When it comes to pests, this quarantine has affected more than just the rats. The change in trash management has created an environment that is nice and comfy for a surprisingly high number of filth flies. As we move into warmer months here on the East Coast, we need to be prepared for even more of these disgusting pests that can threaten the public health. What’s happening and what can be done?

Isn’t there less trash now?

Not really; it’s just more concentrated to where things remain active. With many businesses closed and less people in public areas, there’s definitely less trash being created in general public spaces (think of street trash cans). But restaurants are still cooking and people are creating more trash at home. What we’ve done is concentrate more garbage in fewer locations such as restaurant dumpsters, residential trash bins, and multi-family compactor areas. Highly concentrated trash areas mean more flies congregating around wherever garbage does accumulate. The amount of trash in these fewer locations is hard to keep up with, and flies will take advantage of that difficulty. These garbage areas (compactors in high rise/garden apartments, recycling centers, restaurant dumpsters, etc.) are heavily concentrated with more trash/filth that might otherwise be spread out in other areas, creating a perfect breeding spot for flies. More trash = more breeding.

Aren’t towns and cities increasing trash pickup?

Not necessarily. In some cases, the usual cleanings of dumpsters and compactors has actually been decreased in order to limit social interaction. It’s not easy to do that job 6 feet away from your coworker. With testing centers, feeding residents, and making sure we are moving toward reopening, towns and cities have a lot on their plate. So, although the trash load in some areas is much greater, they are often not able to increase removal services. Some things are just higher on the list than others – for good reason.

What can be done?

Well, you can first start with some proactive solutions. Do your best to ensure your garbage is closed tightly in Common house flytrash liners/bags. Additionally, don’t wait for a swarm of flies to force you to make a frantic call to a pest control company. Ask for increased trash pickups. Businesses are slowly opening back up more and more, so there will be more trash generated. Your sanitation company shouldn’t be surprised at this request. Also, increase your dumpster/compactor cleaning schedule. The less filth, the less filth flies. And finally, call Western Pest Services before it’s an emergency. It’s a lot more cost effective to prevent infestations than pay to deal with them after they have already gotten out of hand. Our technicians will use pest control methods for filth flies, but they don’t stop there. Rats and cockroaches also love garbage, so you’ll get total pest control – not just flies.

Each time a fly lands, they leave behind bacteria-laden materials that can transmit dangerous diseases such as E. coli, Salmonella sp., Shigella, and Staphylococcus, among many others. Flies can also signify a larger sanitation issue that needs to be addressed, not to mention turn people away from your business. So, knowing our current situation can easily create a haven for flies – and knowing how much you do NOT want them buzzing around your business – call Western Pest Services and get in front of it today.

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