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What’s Happening to Rats During the COVID-19 Quarantine??

You’ve probably already seen the news stories about herds of rats running amok in the streets in cities like New Orleans. And while we shouldn’t start filming Planet of the Rats just yet, we do have to acknowledge that this quarantine will change the patterns of these furry pests.

Predicting the changes the COVID-19 quarantine may make to rats and their usual behavior is the first step to dealing with them. Even the Center for Disease Control is reporting unusual and aggressive rodent behavior associated with the quarantine. So, what kinds of changes could we see?

Braver, bolder rats:
As we change our daily behavior – specifically the self-quarantining – our notable absence in the streets and restaurants is not lost on them. Rats are coming out of hiding. They’re taking to the streets in broad daylight and invading homes in a desperate search for food. While they used to scurry away, their basic need for sustenance is making them more courageous.

Rat wars:
It’s true. The meek may inherit the earth, but right now, it’s survival of the fittest in the animal world. Rat packs could start fighting amongst themselves with the strongest coming out on top. They used to coexist and not really care about the rat next to them. That rat is now competition for food. Hangry isn’t just a human thing, apparently. And nobody needs just the strongest rats around. Rats on steroids. No thanks.

Cannibalism and infanticide:
Just when we thought these disease-ridden pests couldn’t get any worse. A starving rat will go to great lengths for food. Even turning to the rat next to them or to their own litter of pups. That is not the kind of hard-core rat we want around.

What can cities do? Well, having an experienced company performing aggressive pest control services is a good start. Some cities have even started to include using feral cats to help control the rat problem.

You probably don’t need to go that far, though. Western Pest Services has always been flexible and creative with our pest control solutions. And we’re considered an essential service right now. Rats and their changing habits are just one of the reasons that was a good move by the Department of Homeland Security.

Western doesn’t just deal with the infestation – we will follow the trail of evidence to its source. This is just another day for our board-certified entomologists. So, no matter what kind of behavior you’re seeing from rats these days, Western Pest can deal with it. Give us a call today. We probably shouldn’t wait for this next generation of super rats.

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