Commercial Cricket Control

How Western gets rid of Crickets

There are some crickets that can be mistaken for certain spiders. Proper identification by our Board Certified Entomologists is the first step in taking care of a cricket infestation in your business. We know where to look to see where they may be hiding out and how they are coming in. Not only will we perform cricket treatments, but we will teach you and employees what to look out for to help with cricket control going forward.
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Problems Caused by Crickets

While crickets are harmless, their constant chirping can make for uncomfortable situations and even sleepless nights. Cave crickets can even damage fabrics should they find their way into your business. They can also be a scary sight and be mistaken for aggressive since they can jump far, high, and fast! Even though they are nothing more than a nuisance, pest sightings in your business can damage your reputation. Our cricket extermination services can help.
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